Terms & Conditions for Locker Rental

1. All lockers within KPC Business Centre are the property of KPC International Limited “KPC” and are subject to applicable Centre policies. KPC reserves the right to alter the policies governing the use of lockers with appropriate notice. Use of a locker by a person other than to whom it is issued is forbidden. Misuse of a locker may lead to termination of locker rental agreement.

2. The Renter must not store in the Locker:

(a) Any combustible, inflammable or hazardous materials or substances.
(b) Any food or any other items that may have an objectionable odor or that may decay.
(c) Any item that would result in a violation of any law or regulation applicable to KPC, and
(d) Any item that KPC has determined to be unsuitable for storage in the Business Centre
3. In the event that the Renter uses the Locker in any way that creates a fire hazard or other serious Risk to the safety of the storage area or to the Centre, KPC may take action necessary to eliminate such hazard or risk including termination of the rental agreement.

4. It being understood by the Renter that the Locker was not designed for the protection or security of such items having intrinsic monetary value; collectible items or other irreplaceable items and that KPC affords no such protection or security. Storage of Renter’s belongings is understood to be at Renter’s own risk.

5. KPC shall not have, or be deemed to have, custody, care or control of the contents of the Locker, nor shall KPC be deemed to be a bailee of the contents of the Locker.

6. KPC shall not be liable for any damages or loss to the Renter with respect to the contents of the Locker as a result of theft, disappearance, vandalism, fire, water, leaking pipes, hurricane, rain, electrical malfunction, explosion, any act of God or any other situation out of the control of KPC.

7. Renter also acknowledges that KPC shall have the right to open and if necessary empty the Locker if access is required to make repairs to the Centre or Centre systems and equipment that may be in or near the Renter’s locker necessitating access from within the Renter’s locker.

8. The Renter acknowledges that KPC does not maintain insurance for the Renter against loss of the contents of the Renter’s Locker. The Renter also acknowledges and agrees to maintain appropriate liability and casualty insurance relating to the Renter’s property stored in the Locker, which is at the Renter’s own risk.

9. The Renter agrees that the Renter will comply with KPC’s Rules and Regulations for the use of the Locker and the storage areas in the Centre.

10. The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless KPC from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) and liabilities incurred by KPC as a result of the Renter’s failure to comply, by act or omission, with any of the requirements of this Agreement. The Renter hereby releases.

11. Under the following circumstances, KPC reserves all rights to terminate service(s) to the Renter without prior notice. KPC shall bear no responsibilities nor shall be liable for any claims or compensation for discontinuing service(s).

(a) The failure of the Renter to pay to KPC any rental charge due for the Locker.
(b) In suspicion of the Renter is involving a fraud or carrying out any illegal or improper activities.
(c) The Renter becomes insolvent, bankrupt, goes into liquidation or becomes unable to pay its debts as they fall due.
(d) A decision by KPC to use the space occupied by the storage lockers for another corporate purpose of KPC.

12. In the event of the termination of this Agreement, whether by KPC or Renter, the Renter shall remove the contents of the Locker no later than the date in which such termination is effective. If the Renter does not empty the Locker, KPC may empty the Locker and may dispose of the contents as if the contents were abandoned property of no value.

13. The Renter may not, without the prior written consent of KPC, assign this Agreement, transfer the Renter’s rights under this Agreement to any person, or allow any other person to use the Locker.