Terms and Conditions for Meeting Room/Venue Usage (MS-V1-2022)

In these Terms and Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

Licensor” means KPC Business Centre operated by KPC Offices Limited.
Licensee” means any person or company requesting for the Venue.
“Reserved time-period” means any agreed time period for use of the Venue between Licensor and Licensee.
Services” means the services described in this agreement and/or as provided by KPC to the Licensee from time to time.
“Booking Fee” means the total fee for using the Venue as specified by the Service Provider from time to time.
“Extra Hourly Charge” means overtime charge for using the Venue other than the Reserved time-period as specified by the Service Provider from time to time and will be charged on hourly basis
“Working Days” mean any days except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
“Application Form” refers to the document attached with this Agreement which record the details of the Services and the personal information of the Licensee.

These terms and conditions are made between KPC BUSINESS CENTRE (the “Licensor”) and (the “Licensee”) in respect of Venue.

The Licensee desires to obtain a license for using the Venue hereinafter defined from the Licensor and to engage the Licensor in the provision of office facilities and services at the Venue and the Licensor has agree upon the terms and conditions set out herein.

IT IS HEREBY AGREED THAT subject to the terms and conditions herein contained:

1. A booking is considered as confirmed until the payment is received by The Licensor.
2. The Licensee cannot erect, install or alter any fixtures, partitioning or other erection or installation in the Venue without approval from theLicensor. The Licensor has the right to claim the Licensee for restoring the Venue into its original state.
3.The Licensee shall keep the Venue and the furniture and fittings therein in a good condition. Any damages act default neglect or omission of the Licensee or it’s guest, visitor, servant, contractor, agent or employee shall be deemed to be damage act default neglect omission and the liability of the Licensee.
4. The Licensor are not liable for any loss as a result of our failure to provide a Service as a result of mechanical breakdown, strikae, delay, failure of staff or otherwise we do so deliberately or are negligent.
5. The Licensee shall not use any office facilities or services provided by the Licensor for any illegal or immoral purposes.
6. The Licensee is not allowed to occupy or to use other space in the Premises except the Venue. The Licensee shall not cause any nuisance or
interruption within any part of the Venue and the whole Premises.
7. Smoking is absolutely prohibited inside the Venue and the whole premises, the corridors, the washrooms and the common areas
8. The Licensee is only allowed to use the Venue during the reserved time-period. The Licensee have to pay extra hourly service charge for any overtime usage of the Venue.
9. The Licensee agrees and acknowledges that they can only use the Venue for the time period they have reserved. The Licensor has the right to disallow the Licensee from occupying the Venue outside the License Period reserved by the Licensee.
10. Full payment must be made within 2 days after the booking was reserved.
11. Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of confirmed Booking will only be accepted in writing and is subject to the below charges:

Bookings made under the standard listed rates,
– 20% of the booking fee will be charged for any cancellation made minimum 2 weeks prior to the reserved time-period.
– 50% of the booking fee will be charged for any cancellation made less than 2 weeks prior to the reserved time-period.
– 100% of the booking fee will be charged for any cancellation made less than 1 week prior to the reserved time-period or if absent to use the reserved Venue.
Bookings made under the promotional rates are non-cancellable, non-changeable and non-refundable.
12. The Licensor will be closed when typhoon signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm warning is in force. In that case, please contact the Licensor for alternative arrangement. Besides, the re-arranged date and time must be take place within 30 days from date of the original reserved time period and is subject to our availability.
13. In case of dispute, the Licensor reserves the right of final decision